A Tribute To J Dilla

We have a J Dilla tibute compilation from Californian blogspace The Soul Dojo. Hailed as the most pioneering hip hop producer to date, J Dilla accomplished what most producers are still striving towards in a few tragically short years. Here we see, among others, Madlib and Flying Lotus paying their respects. Mixcloud - Cloudcast of The Week.
Producer for the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Common, J Dilla has become one of the most lauded hip-hop producers of all time. Dilla’s dynamic and intricate productions have become a driving influence in modern hip hop. The Soul DoJo tributes a musical magician who left behind a timeless body of work which will be played and rediscovered for years to come. Mixcloud - Producer's Special.

Inspiração Brasileira


Relaxe e aproveite esta bela coleção de canções misturadas por Nefarious! Esta coleção foi inspirada por suas viagens em toda a América do Sul e seu amor por filmes e música brasileira. Você ouvirá ritmos afro-brasileiros clássicos e batidas modernas produzidas por Nefarious!, AbJo, e muitas mais produções da família The Soul Dojo.


The Saga of The Shogun


MWill is a producer & DJ out of Brooklyn, NY. Listen closely as he takes you on a journey through years of his musical growth. This mix contains instrumentals and tracks produced by MWill, including a co-production with his father Marley Marl that appeared on LL Cool J's album. MWill is the founder of Jazz Under The Bridge and provides a monthly mix on The Soul Dojo Radio.