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Grindtime Presents: Battle of The Bay Rap & Beat Battle (Oakland, CA)

  • The Oakland Metro 630 3rd Street Oakland, CA, 94607 United States (map)

This beat/rap battle went down in 2009, 1 year before I (Nefarious!) founded The Soul Dojo. I was fresh out of high school and making beat videos on youtube full time at the time and this was my first opportunity to meet a lot of the producers I was influenced by. Especially since I wasn't 21 yet and could rarely attend any beat scene events. 

I met the homie and fellow "Youtube producer" DJ Jehfree for the first time since he came up from LA. We ended up kicking it a few more times when either of us visited LA or the Bay. We were scheduled to battle, but it never went down due to "scheduling conflicts". Jehfree later battled Dibiase after the event ended outside the spot. You can see me in the video for a moment at 2:18. This was way before every producer became a DJ, none of us had any desire to be up in a club. Blasting beats out of a Cadillac Escalade in Oakland at 3-4 AM was one of my first introductions to the beat scene and I'd take that raw authentic gathering over some of these hyped up corporate sponsored events any day.

The rap battle portion of the events were the main attraction. These were arguably the best battle rappers around at the time, if you're into battle rap chances are you've seen footage from this event. Little do many people know, there was a gang of dope producers standing on stage 15 feet away watching the entire battle. 

This was the first time I saw Conceited, who is now probably more known for being a meme lol. He's actually a raw battle rapper. I thought he was weird because I saw him before I heard him. He's ill.


Take a moment and check out that lineup. A lot of dope producers and battle MCs were in the house!

The very next day, Dibiase was back in LA doing a live set at Fat Beats when they were open.

Check out these freestyle's from Dumbfounded and P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship caught on tape below.