Leon Sylvers IV - Mix for The Soul Dojo Radio

leon GUEST MIX.png
Smooth rhythms and dope beats in this 20 minute mix by Leon Sylvers IV. This mix is best enjoyed After Ours!

Trk 1 - SB flip (dynasty - adventures in the land of music)
Trk 2 - SB flip (dynasty - adventures in the land of music)
Trk 3 - SB flip (Sax g - tumemanques)
Trk 4 - SB x Treme x Koolspot
Trk 5 - Treme
Trk 6 - SB x Prajnuh
Trk 7 - SB x Treme
Trk 8 - SB
Trk 9 - Treme x oriJanus x SB
Trk 10 - SB
Trk 11 - Koolspot x SB
Trk 12 - SB
Trk 13 - SB
Trk 14 - SB
Trk 15 - SB x Treme
Trk 16 - SB
Trk 17 - SB

Cazal Organism Mix for The Soul Dojo Radio

Mesmerizing rhythms, remixes & unreleased jams in this guest mix from Cazal Organism. Recorded live in Los Angeles and broadcasted worldwide on The Soul Dojo Radio October 2017.

Cazal Organism - The Bleep Bloop Perc Song! / CAZWERK TRAPWERK
Cazal Organism - LiteSpotsRBoujee (unrlsd)
Cazal Organism - Modal Mood (Fliptape #2 exclusive)
Cazal Organism - Hlfcrezi
Cazal Organism - Teeears4Feeears // Mom's Joint (FT#2 exclusive)
Cazal Organism - Her Smile (unrlsd)
Cazal Organism - Just Like Me (Bootleg)
Erykah Badu - Healer (Cazal Tranquil Mix)
Cazal Organism - Journey To Shaolin
Cazal Organism - PriyankaChopra (unrlsd)
Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy
Kaelin Ellis (FKA Mr. Mockwell) - Chipped
Cazal Organism - Backseat Freeflip (FT#2 exclusive)
Cazal Organism - ErykahsLunarEclipse
Cazal Organism - Byrd In The Trap
Cazal Organism - CazAyers // RunninAway (unreleased)
SZA - The Weekend (Zikomo Remix)
Cazal Organism - Lazy Hoe / Advanced Pelvic Thrust (LP 2 exclusive)
Cazal Organism - 1Thing (Hitchcock2) (FT #2 exclusive)
Cazal Organism - Ziti Plus Degrees (FT#2 exclusive)

A Tribute To J Dilla

We have a J Dilla tibute compilation from Californian blogspace The Soul Dojo. Hailed as the most pioneering hip hop producer to date, J Dilla accomplished what most producers are still striving towards in a few tragically short years. Here we see, among others, Madlib and Flying Lotus paying their respects. Mixcloud - Cloudcast of The Week.
Producer for the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Common, J Dilla has become one of the most lauded hip-hop producers of all time. Dilla’s dynamic and intricate productions have become a driving influence in modern hip hop. The Soul DoJo tributes a musical magician who left behind a timeless body of work which will be played and rediscovered for years to come. Mixcloud - Producer's Special.