Jazz Under The Bridge

The Saga of The Shogun


MWill is a producer & DJ out of Brooklyn, NY. Listen closely as he takes you on a journey through years of his musical growth. This mix contains instrumentals and tracks produced by MWill, including a co-production with his father Marley Marl that appeared on LL Cool J's album. MWill is the founder of Jazz Under The Bridge and provides a monthly mix on The Soul Dojo Radio.


Jazz Under The Bridge branding by J.M. Ungar

Our longtime collaborator and friend J.M. Ungar creates new branding for Jazz Under The Bridge, a weekly jazz-inspired show hosted by MWill on The Soul Dojo Radio. Justin is also responsible for The Soul Dojo's logos and branding, check out more of his great work at his portfolio.

Concept touches on that Coltrane Blue Train typography you requested, with a little wear to give it some texture and movement. Since MWill is out of Brooklyn, I tied in an abstracted Williamsburg Bridge. Tethers are laid out to resemble volume levels or a fader, kind of brings in the music/radio aspect. And of course, the little TSD gate is present in the period.

J.M. Ungar

Designer & Illustrator

Jazz Under The Bridge - Big Daddy Kane Interview

On July 15th 2017, Jazz Under the Bridge received a rare opportunity to catch up with Brooklyn's Rap-God; the smooth operator, songwriting legend and freestyle (live-improvisational rap) KING

Big Daddy Kane @ Rochester Musicfest 2017

Tune into The Soul Dojo Radio App - 7pm Eastern - Thursday, July 20th - for a special one hour and-a-half (1:29:30) episode of Jazz Under the Bridge #XVI: BK2ROC Edition on The Soul Dojo Radio! Join MWill(on the mix) + Air Dave (from Fool’s Gold Records) for an interview with the man himself, King-Asiatic-Nobody’s-Equal aka Big Daddy Kane, (of the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn). We talk about today’s current state of lyricism, dream collaborations, original samples, knowledge-of-self and more! 

 Stay tuned for more interviews and coverage from the Rochester Musicfest 2017!

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