Jazz Under The Bridge - Big Daddy Kane Interview

On July 15th 2017, Jazz Under the Bridge received a rare opportunity to catch up with Brooklyn's Rap-God; the smooth operator, songwriting legend and freestyle (live-improvisational rap) KING

Big Daddy Kane @ Rochester Musicfest 2017

Tune into The Soul Dojo Radio App - 7pm Eastern - Thursday, July 20th - for a special one hour and-a-half (1:29:30) episode of Jazz Under the Bridge #XVI: BK2ROC Edition on The Soul Dojo Radio! Join MWill(on the mix) + Air Dave (from Fool’s Gold Records) for an interview with the man himself, King-Asiatic-Nobody’s-Equal aka Big Daddy Kane, (of the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn). We talk about today’s current state of lyricism, dream collaborations, original samples, knowledge-of-self and more! 

 Stay tuned for more interviews and coverage from the Rochester Musicfest 2017!

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